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Join the Family

Do You Enjoy Helping People and Making a Difference to the Lives of Others?

Clarendon Home Care is a leading provider of person-centred home care and live-in care services in the Surrey area. For over twenty years we’ve been a family-run business with family values at our core and the key to our success has been simple: we employ the best carers who are committed to changing people’s lives.


Clarendon Home Care was founded in 1994 by Jackie Jones, a former care manager who started her career with a long and rewarding spell as a care worker. Armed with her experiences of caring for the elderly in the local community, she began to sketch out her vision for Clarendon Home Care and the way it would set itself apart:


“With Clarendon it was my idea that we would treat each person we care for with dignity and respect and that we would do our best to fit around their needs. I also wanted a place where we could do the same for our carers. I wanted them to feel like part of something bigger and to be given the respect and rewards they deserve for the amazing job they do in the local community.”


If you want to join our team of Home Care Assistants then all you need is a friendly, caring attitude and the desire to want to make a difference in people’s lives. All successful candidates, whatever your previous experience, will be given comprehensive in-house training by our fully accredited team:


Recruitment Hotline: 0209 481 0226


Where we work


We are constantly recruiting people in the following areas:


• Kingston



• Ewell

• Thames Ditton

• Claygate

• Esher

• Cobham

• Molesey

• Walton and Hersham

• Weybridge


• Shepperton


• Stanwell

• Ashford

• Egham

• Englefield Green

What Experience Will I Need?


Experience is always beneficial and at Clarendon Home Care, we’re committed to the further development of experienced care workers who are looking to extend their career in the care industry. That said, some of our best carers are people who came to us with a background of never having done the job at all. For more than twenty years, we have learned that a caring attitude, diligence, compassion, reliability and flexibility are equally as important as experience. It also helps if you’re a good listener, have great time management skills and you’re great with people.


What Transport Will I Need?


While it is always an advantage for our carers to be able to drive, it is not essential. We employ a number of non-drivers, motor-cyclists and cyclists. We even have some carers who do their round on foot and get the double benefit of money in their pocket and regular, daily exercise. It is true that if you have a car then it increases the amount of work we may be able to offer you. No matter how you may get around, if you have a caring attitude and are interested in working with the elderly, we’d still love to hear from you.


Comprehensive Training


If your application is successful and whatever your level of previous experience, you will be trained in-house by our fully accredited training team. During your induction training you will learn about:


• Manual Handling

• Personal Care

• Food and Hygiene

• Medication Administration

• Managing Challenging Behaviour

• Companionship

• Safeguarding

• Company Standards


Your training won’t end there. Once you start working for us, you’ll get regular support from our staff of senior care workers and they will continue to give you all the benefit of their years’ of experience via routine appraisals and on-site supervisions.


We’ll never throw you in at the deep end either. As a new Home Care Assistant, you’ll shadow experienced care workers at first and you’ll only go out on your own once you have been supervised and assessed by a senior home care assistant.


As a new Home Care Assistant, you will also be given the chance to take part in further training modules to refresh and update your induction training including full training in the Care Certificate. At the same time, we will help you to further your career in the care industry by enrolling you for study in the QCF Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care.


As your career develops with us, you’ll have the opportunity to become a senior home care assistant and to move on to higher level qualifications such as QCF Levels 3 and 5 as well as a Foundation Degree or a Social Work Degree.


At Clarendon Home Care, we provide all of our care staff with the specialist training they need to rise to the daily challenges of looking after someone in their own home. We also recognise the need for life experience, common sense and a willingness to care for those that need it most.


Recruitment Hotline: 0209 481 0226


Employee Benefits

Our commitment to you as a Home Care Assistant means that we offer you the following benefits:


  • Free comprehensive induction training at our Kingston head office
  • Free QCF development
  • Free training in the Care Certificate
  • Free uniforms
  • Free DBS checks
  • Paid shadowing with an experienced carer
  • Automatically enrolled in company pension scheme
  • Petrol allowance for every mile you drive
  • Unlimited opportunity for overtime
  • Time and half pay on public holidays
  • Tax-free meal breaks
  • Free expert tax advice to help you claim back some money for mileage, lunch expenditure and anything else you spend while working


Attractive Rates of Pay


At Clarendon Home Care, we offer some of the highest rates of pay in the care sector. For over twenty years, this has allowed us to attract and retain some of the very best care workers in the industry. In turn, this has also helped us to maintain the highest standards of care. Quite simply, our company was founded by a former carer who knows the job and understands what it takes to do it properly. Because of this, we value our employees and always do everything we can to give them the respect and rewards they deserve.


Grade 1


This is the starting rate for all new Home Care Assistants who have not yet achieved a QCF Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care. This is what we pay during the initial probationary period of 12 weeks:


  • Home visits on weekdays: £8.80 per hour
  • Home visits on Saturdays: £9.35 per hour
  • Home visits on Sundays: £10.25 per hour


Grade 2


This is the rate we pay to new Home Care Assistants after they pass their 12-week probation period. This is also the starting rate for new Home Care Assistants who have a QCF Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care. The Grade 2 rates of pay are:


  • Home visits on weekdays: £9.10 per hour
  • Home visits on Saturdays: £9.65 per hour
  • Home visits on Sundays: £10.50 per hour


Grade 3


Home Care Assistants will become eligible to take a QCF Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care course after six months of working for Clarendon Home Care. If you achieve this qualification, you will be paid at the Grade 3 rate. We offer QCF Level 2 courses free of charge.


Home Care Assistants who have a QCF Level 2 before beginning work with us are paid the Grade 3 rate following their 12-week period of probation. The Grade 3 rates of pay are as follows:


  • Home visits on weekdays: £9.35 per hour
  • Home visits on Saturdays: £9.90 per hour
  • Home visits on Sundays: £10.80 per hour

Grade 4


Grade 4 is awarded to Grade 3 Home Care Assistants when they have demonstrated exceptional standards of care, consistent attendance and commitment to further development. The Grade 4 rates of pay are as follows:


  • Home visits on weekdays: £9.65 per hour
  • Home visits on Saturdays: £10.20 per hour
  • Home visits on Sundays: £11.05 per hour


Grades 5 to 8


Grades 5 to 8 are awarded to our Senior Home Care Assistants as well as carers that have shown exceptional standards of care. These upper grades are also awarded to carers with long service and those that have demonstrated unquestionable loyalty to the company. Rates of pay for these grades rise with each step up, until Grade 8 when care workers will earn:


  • Home visits on weekdays: £10.75 per hour
  • Home visits on Saturdays: £11.30 per hour
  • Home visits on Sundays: £12.10 per hour


Mileage Allowance


Remember that on top of your hourly rate, we will pay you a mileage allowance for the distance you travel between home care visits. This is currently set at 25p per mile. This will add up to around £1.00-£1.40 per litre of fuel for an average small car. The distance you travel for each visit is calculated automatically by our dedicated computer software so you are certain to be paid for the miles you drive.


Speak to a member of our office team and let us tell you about what we can offer you:


Recruitment Hotline: 0208 481 0226


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