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Full-Time and Part-Time Care Jobs in Epsom or the surrounding areas?

Clarendon Home Care is witnessing extensive growth across Surrey and the South East. If you would like a care job in Epsom, or would like more information about any of our care worker vacancies, please keep reading.


Clarendon boasts rates of pay and employee benefits that we consider to be among the most generous in the social care sector. If you have a friendly manner and an outgoing disposition, you are bound to find working for us a thoroughly rewarding experience. We currently have a number of care worker vacancies in Epsom and the surrounding areas so please get in contact to join the Clarendon family!


What Does Working as a Home Care Assistant Involve?


You will work with clients in their own homes in and around Epsom. Your exact duties may vary depending on where you work and who you work with. However, your work is likely to include helping clients with daily personal care such as washing, dressing, feeding and using the toilet.


Practical tasks could involve general tasks such as housework, laundry, shopping and light housework. It could also include helping clients to write letters, manage their budget and pay their bills. It also often involves keeping clients company.


Work with Clarendon begins with a 12-week probation period. Pay is graded on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being the lowest paid and 4 being the highest paid. New Home Care Assistants without a Level 2 NVQ in Social Care are Grade 1 and therefore begin at the lowest rate of pay. This is £8.00 per hour for weekdays, £8.50 per hour for Saturdays and £9.30 per hour for Sundays.


After the period of probation, they then move to Grade 2 and their wage increases accordingly, with the lowest (weekday) rate of £8.25 per hour. After 6 months at Clarendon, Home Care Assistants in Epsom are eligible to take the Level 2 NVQ qualification. At this point they move to Grade 3 and are paid £8.50 per hour on weekdays.


If you wish to enquire about any of our senior care worker vacancies, please bear in mind that you need to have experience in the sector. Ultimately, you will also need a Level 3 NVQ as well. We can provide the appropriate training if you don’t have this qualification when you apply.


Senior Care Assistant Jobs are awarded at the discretion of our managers and start from £8.75 per hour. Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time care jobs, and whether you are looking for care worker vacancies in Epsom or anywhere else in Surrey, we think you have come to the right place.


If you have already worked in the care sector, you may notice that our rates of pay are better than average. This is because our standards are high and we want to attract and retain the most enthusiastic staff. So, if you’re hardworking, caring, honest and would like to apply for one of our care assistant jobs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We are also recruiting for management roles.


To apply for a full or part-time care job at Clarendon Home Care, please call us 020 8546 2208 now.

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